How can a visitor support you?

Visitors are people, usually from communities local to detention centres, who understand the challenges of detention and want to help. Visitors are independent from the immigration detention centre and can arrange regular times to visit you. Visitors can support you by:

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Offering moral support

Visitors understand that it is completely normal to feel frustration and sadness whilst in detention. They will not diminish the severity of your situation. They may too have gone through life’s challenges and are there to listen and talk without judgement.

Signposting to other organisations

Visitors can refer you to specialist organisations and law firms for further practical help with areas such as your immigration case, healthcare or wellbeing support after detention. Visitors are not immigration solicitors and they cannot give legal advice.

Assisting practical needs

Visitors can provide you with information on what to expect in detention. They can give you advice on how to raise issues of concern or, with your permission, do this on your behalf. All visitor groups are different so the exact support that a group can offer will depend on where you are in detention. They might be able to help with access to other basic necessities whilst you are in detention.

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Don't give up. Continue to find the right path. Try to find a solicitor. If you don't know how to speak English, try to find someone to translate for you. If there are visitors coming, go and visit them. And the most important thing is your wellbeing. You will survive. You're a survivor.

Fadwa, previously detained

Friends and Family

When someone is detained, it marks the start of an emotional and challenging time. During this time, contact with family and friends, who can provide essential emotional and material support, is hugely important.