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There are detention facilities across the country, check the map to find the contact details for your nearest group. AVID member groups have their own recruitment processes, and you should contact them directly to find out more.

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As a supporter, you will be committing to supporting AVID to make a real difference to the suffering caused by immigration detention across the UK. Members also recieve our regular newsletter, invitations to our events and workshops, and much more.

Other ways to get involved

Make a donation

Your support fuels our mission to challenge the injustices of immigration detention. By making a donation, you directly contribute to advocating for the rights of those detained. Every contribution helps sustain our efforts to provide vital support and resources to dvisitors and people in detention. Join us in making a difference today.

Get involved with a Project

Join us in advocating for change by participating in a project with AVID or with one of AVID's members. Members of AVID are often finding new and different ways to raise awareness and engage with the public or decision makers. Sign petitions, attend events, or volunteer your time to amplify our collective voice to make detention history.

Raise awareness of detention

Spread the word about the hidden realities of immigration detention and its impact on individuals and communities. Share our resources, articles, and social media posts to educate others and spark conversations about injustice of immigration detention. Together, we can raise awareness and mobilise support for change.

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